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I am a self-made property manager in New Haven, Connecticut sharing the tools and mindset required to start and grow a successful business.​

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Property Management

Are you ready to effectively manage your property? With my 30+ years of practice and experience I will teach you all of my tips and tricks for a successful real estate investment strategy. Whether you are just starting or already established, come learn how to effectively manage your investments!

Each hour in the day is essential as a property manager. There can be many stressful situations, and success is dependent on a strong mindset and a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to provide not only tips and guidance for those in the real estate industry, but the mindset required to continue to grow in any scenario.

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Spiritual Enlightenment

Self Discipline and positive affirmations are critical in maintaining a successful business and remaining strong during difficult times. Spiritual guidance through Reiki and deep meditation have been instrumental in alleviating many obstacles I have encountered.