About Me
Maura Lee Cofrancesco-Hotchkiss

Maura Lee Cofrancesco Hotchkiss

A native of East Haven, Connecticut, I have been active in the Real Estate Industry since 1986 and have developed extensive experience in managing both commercial and residential properties.  Whether for an owner, developer, or the FDIC, I have consistently managed properties well within budget. My passion for real estate is equal to the passion I have to give back to my community. I have always been active in several different shelters and local programs to protect children and women in the community, as well as my current role as a  Sponsor of the New Reach Program.

The Author in me

During what little free time that I have, I am working on putting my experiences into words and pages. During COVID-19, I finally was given the free time I was looking for, creating four books in four short months to release over the next year.