My relationship with Italy

My father and my grandfather always spoke with me about our family history and especially about my great grandparents. He told many stories about how they came from a small village in the Province of Benevento in the Italian region of Campania. I was fascinated by their determination to leave their home in order to secure a better future for their family. These captivating stories captivated me about the journey that they made walking through the terrain, hills, and valleys to Naples with hopes of getting on a boat to America.

Both of my father’s grandparents left behind their parents and siblings.  It was a big decision to make but they really had no other choice. They had heard about the opportunities that America had to offer to make a living and they were so proud of them to make such a long journey here to make money to survive.  I really cannot imagine how they must have felt, both leaving your family behind and watching your family travel to an unknow place.

Before my parents died, they left me all different types of documents, including their marriage certificates; yes, marriage certificates two separate ones. They loved each other so much they married each other twice.  When I write this, I shake my head, because this is how they always felt about each other. Everyone that knows my family knows this, and how they adored each other.

My father always wanted to make the trip to Italy, but life, as we all know goes by fast and time gets away from us all.   I always knew where we came from and I know some of my family still resides there. I have been to many places in Europe with friends before but have never made it to that part of Italy. But I have made a promise to my dad that I would go make a special trip back to see the family in my life.

Well my promise turned out to be little more special now. Through more research, I have learned that it is my birth right to become a legal citizen of Italy. I am pleased to say this has taken me over two years to obtain all my documents. On July 1st 2020 I received a phone call from the woman who received my final documents from Italy and that she wanted to personally hand deliver the envelope to me and she said she had time to meet with on July 4th.

I found it utterly amazing that someone would make a special trip to see me on a holiday (July 4th, 2020) I will always remember that day with happy memories from Italy.

 Plans are to go the village where my Great parents came from; a dedication plaque in their name to honor them and their journey and another pleasant surprise that our family is documented back to 1500’s to my eight-great grandfather.