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7 best Airbnb in Positano, Italy

For all the travel lovers, especially the ones eyeing Italy, there is this lovely town near Amalfi Coast, known as Positano. It’s quite a popular travel destination with numerous tourists making the trip to the place every year, from all over the world. Despite all the crowd, it has managed to preserve its charm and stay alluring.

The town doesn’t have too many roads, and most of it can be mapped via slopes and flights of stairs all over. Positano has pretty streets that you would love to explore if you love to walk. The best locality to accommodate yourself while traveling to this town is the lower part, since it nears the beach and you can enjoy all you want without making a trip to and fro from your hotel to the beach and exhausting yourself.

Most hotels in Positano provide the dwellers with marvelous sea views. You can witness, and drink in the lovely Azul of Mediterranean Sea through the balcony, terrace or even bedrooms of your Airbnb.  Since they are as scenic as the destination itself, they usually tend to be quite expensive, but below we will list out the best of the lot, so it becomes easier for you to choose The One.

You must also note that staying in AirBnB would be a wise decision for making such bookings because it actually gives you incredible and unique options for your stay. They are tourist friendly, the hosts provide you with best of the facilities, the nearby locations are easily accessible, and you can get various options for commute as well.

So without waiting much, let’s take a look at the below Airbnb’s that could become your next accommodation.

  1. Casa Nolina

One look at the property will pretty much set your belief about why it is one of the best Airbnb in Positano. In reality, you will have the whole house to yourself.

Photo Credits: AirBnB

This beautifully located property can:

Host 4 guests

Contains 2 bedrooms/ 2 beds/ 1.5 baths

Cost $139 per night

This Airbnb is less than 10 minutes from the beach as well as from the bus stop, should you feel like travelling to the main city. Casa Nolina provides you wonderful views of Positano and is also near to all the good restaurants. Everything you need on a vacation is just a few steps away. What more would you want?

  • Villa Paradisio

A home stay away from home? Well, don’t look any further, as Villa Paradisio is synonymous with heavenly stay.

Photo Credits: AirBnB

The Villa can:

Host 4 guests

Contains 2 bedrooms/ 2 beds/ 2 baths

Cost $286 per night

Located in the center of the town, this property provides you lovely views of the sea, comes with a private terrace where you can relax all you want, and also a beautiful garden growing fruits and veggies.

Nature is at its best at this Villa.

  • Maison Zara

This property is a contemporary Mediterranean style flat built with excellent taste. The whole property will give you lovely Italian vibes while you plan your stay here.

Photo Credits: AirBnB

The flat can:

Host 4 guests

Contains 2 bedrooms/ 4 beds/ 2 baths

Cost $278 per night

Located in the heart of the town, Maison Zara is just a few steps from the beach. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea from its terrace or you can spend your time relaxing in the hot tub. All the modern amenities are provided by the host so you can experience a comfortable stay.

  • Villa Ponente

One of the best properties in Positano, for travelers who love luxury, this apartment comes with its own swimming pool and private shuttle. Your mornings, as well evenings would be spent in the beautiful natural hues of the sky as well as the sea.

Photo Credits: AirBnB

The apartment can:

Host 7 guests

Contains 4 bedrooms/ 3 beds/ 4 baths

Cost $529 per night

Located just a few minutes from the beach, this sprawling space also offers a garden and terrace. You will feel pretty royal staying here. In case you want to check out the surrounding points, Spiaggia del Fornillo and Roman Archeological Museum is just 10 minutes away.

  • Casa Francesca

Looking for a cute place for 2? This is just the Airbnb for you. This enormous house in Positano has lovely interiors with in-house gaming facilities as well, along with a sun terrace. And to top it all, you have access to a Private Beach. Yeehaw!

Photo Credits: AirBnB

The house can:

Host 2 guests

Contains 1 bedroom/ 1 beds/ 1 bath

Cost $541 per night

The house has plush greenery all around. It’s located suitably with the restaurants and markets just nearby. Perfect for couples, this place offers all amenities including an indoor fireplace too. All you have to do is, park yourself either on the couch or the terrace, grab a good book, and sip your favorite wine to enjoy your vacay.

  • Casa Cristallo

One of the loveliest AirBnB you could find to stay with your friends and/or family. You receive the gift of sun view as well as sea view while staying at this property.

Photo Credits: AirBnB

The Airbnb can:

Host 6 guests

Contains 2 bedrooms/ 3 beds/ 2 baths

Cost $294 per night

Everything in the city would be reachable to you within less than 500 mts of the property. From the street you only have to take approx. 50 steps to reach your vacation abode. To catch buses you need not go too far as the bust stop is also just a few meters away from this place.

Apart from these perks, the Airbnb also offers private and group excursions, cooking lessons, commute services and much more, so your stay becomes as hassle-free as it can.

  • Torre Silja

This is one huge residence that is in 14th century architecture style, situated by the sea, and is just a minute away from la plaza of the city. It’s a pretty unique location and anyone who loves history and architecture, this would be dream come true for them.

Photo Credits: AirBnB

The Airbnb can:

Host 8 guests

Contains 3 bedrooms/ 4 beds/ 3 baths

Cost $1563 per night

The complete property is exclusive with the best of the interior, facilities, a lounge, a terrace, captivating surroundings and the best of the hospitality. We are pretty sure you would love your stay here and find it hard to leave this apartment at the end of your holiday.

With all these amazing properties laid out for you, we hope it would become easier for you to plan your next vacation, select the best Airbnb and get ready to make reservations. Positano is one of the most sought after, and premium destination for travel lovers. You can see why this place attracts so much tourism, these beautiful AirBnB can compel anyone to plan their next holiday.

If you are aware of any other unique AirBnB, do let us know in the comments below!