20 Totem Animals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Wonders of the Wild Part 1: 20 Totem Animals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Ever had a craving for brain power so strong that no amount of books, researches, or explorations can seem to satisfy?

We’ve all been there.

Whether you admit it or not, it is safe to say that you might think that you’ve already seen all the possible ways to get you out of that mental slump

…but just as when you are about to give up, you stumble upon this article.

Lucky for you, we just might have that one, unconventional way you missed out — the world of totem animals.

Dying to know which animal reflects you the most?

Check out our complete list of totem animals for wisdom and knowledge below to find out which one — or more — is your guardian spirit:

Totem Animals: What are they?

On the outside looking in, it might be hard for some to understand totem animals and their meanings.

Why? Because they are not supposed to.

One does not simply pick out his spirit guide — it’s the other way around.

Curious to know what it is?

To put it in a nutshell, totem animals are non-human creatures that humans have a deep connection with.

These creatures guide them with their way of life and even build their character.

While some might see themselves strongly like one particular animal, others feel like they are a mix of a whole lot of different things.

If you’re still looking for the animal that suits you the most, carefully observe these three things:

  1. What animal constantly shows up in your dreams;
  2. What animal are you most drawn to and;
  3. What animal is most drawn unto you

If you still cannot figure it out, try taking some quizzes.

Surely, that will give you a guaranteed chance of knowing which spirit animal you possess.

Brain Power Guides: The Complete List of Totem Animals

Wisdom and knowledge are more than what meets the eye.

They actually come with creativity, curiosity, judgment, love of learning, and perspective.

On the flip side, Native American Totem Animals are here to give you exactly just all of that.

Psyched to know what your personality mirrors in the world of totem animals?

Below are the totem animals and their meanings guaranteed to spark wisdom and knowledge into your core.

If you are: goal-oriented, has a sense of direction, and sensitive

Then you must be a: MOLE

Moles are known to be the pathfinders of the underground.

With their naturally cylindrical, highly sensitive bodies, these diggers pave their way around not just the ground but also the mind.

This makes them an effective guide for your searches, be it for wisdom, knowledge, or both.

With mole as your totem spirit, “digging beneath the surface” is more than just a phrase — it’s a lifestyle.

If you are: confident, strong-willed, and has primal feminine energy

Then you must be a: MOOSE

It takes the right headspace to maintain a headstrong, confident, and sensual disposition every day of your life.

Just like its most prominent feature – antlers –  the moose also charges head on into life, with its sky-high self-esteem to boot.

Not a surprise for a totem animal that is wise beyond its years!

Steadfast in its resolve, the symbolism of moose embodies individualism – perfect for your pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.

If you are: very private, strategic, and love staying lowkey

Then you must be an: OCTOPUS

What’s a better display of intelligence than going off the grid undetected?

For the spirit animal Octopus, nothing is far more important than functioning under stealth mode.

This 8-armed spirit guide loves doing things in private, and keeps them there.

It also values quick thinking, which makes it the best camouflage strategist.

With your flair for slithering past the barriers in your life, there’s no question that you and the Octopus are definitely just one being.

If you are: strongly intuitive and hungry for change

Then you must be a: OWL

The Owl is not the most famous symbol for wisdom and knowledge for nothing.

Known for its all-knowing eyes, the Owl has the gift to see beyond the surface with its impeccable discernment.

That explains why the power animal is famous for its nocturnal vision, in addition to its swift decision-making.

With its innate intuition for detecting deception like you do, it’s highly likely for the Owl to be your totem animal. 

If you are: hyperaware, discerning, and has many tricks up your sleeves

Then you must be a: FOX

The phrase “sly as a fox” has always had a bad connotation but there’s more to the animal than that.

While being cunning is considered as the fox’s curse, the same characteristic is also a blessing for the totem animal.

The fox is a different kind of wise which makes it invulnerable to lies and tricks, but can inflict the same, ironically.

It also finds its way around things — both by hook or by crook.

No question that you and the fox are one and the same.

If you are: organized, hardworking, and a team player

Then you must be a: BEE

If you’re known to be a “busy bee”, then the search for your spirit animal is over.

Just like the bee, your knowledge and wisdom are being translated in your strong work ethic, giving you a good image.

Your foolproof combo of productivity junkie and a neat freak makes you a perfect match for the spirit guide.

No wonder why bees have always been the “Most Industrious” awardee in the animal kingdom, just like you are.

If you are: a visionary, competitive, and focused

Then you must be a: HAWK

Nobody can soar high and swoop down so smoothly as the Hawk, and we’re finally getting why.

As the symbolism of vision and focus, the Hawk definitely embodies the power of wisdom and knowledge in catching prey.

And it’s not just a predator for food — a predator for victory, too.

It only has its eyes on the prize and nothing else, all thanks to its laser-focus and visionary power. 

If you share the same core then the Hawk is definitely you, only in animal form.

If you are: spontaneous, always have the initiative, and likes to transform from time to time

Then you must be a: Snake

If somebody calls you a snake, you better take that as a compliment rather than an insult.

There’s no denying that the snake is the epitome of deceit, but it only goes to show its unconventional display of wisdom,

The snake is also a power animal embodying crucial life changes and growth, shedding its skin for a new, better one.

As a constant symbol for healing, the snake is the totem animal you should be wishing for to manifest in your dreams.

What’s a better send-off gift for your major life changes than the vision of the spirit guide?

If you are looking for: individualistic yet highly sociable, freedom-loving, and playful

Then you must be a: ZEBRA

There’s more to the Zebra than its black and white stripes we grew to love.

Just like its two-toned trademark, this spirit animal represents uniqueness in individuality.

Bearing the two colors from the polar ends of the color spectrum, it’s no question that the Zebra is indeed the embodiment of balance.

Let the Zebra run wild in your dreams as it is the sense of clarity you’ve long been longing for!

If you are: a sucker for deep connections, sentimental, and nurturing

Then you must be a: WHALE

It’s not just the books and museums that the history of the world — the whale does, too.

As a moving time capsule, this totem animal carries the memory of the world, gaining insights and awareness in its journey.

Their extended stay on earth makes them the perfect communicators to walk — or swim, in this case — the world.

With all these mentioned, there’s no need to explain why the whale made it to the list — it’s wisdom and knowledge, embodied.

If you are: into arts, very cautious and observant

Then you must be a: RABBIT

While some make fun of them because of their extremely high sex drives,

These furry little creatures are also known to be very cautious and vigilant.

And with their naturally agile movements, they can easily maneuver any sorts of danger that come their way.

Do these characteristics ring a bell? If they do, then a rabbit must be your spirit animal!

If you are: eccentric, and likes exploring new things

Then you must be a: RACCOON

It takes a ton-load of guts for someone to break in your house and ruin your garden,

But these animals known as “trash pandas” make it look very easy.

With their amazingly high intellect and creativity, they make it seem like everything is possible.

While others believe that in the saying that “two heads are better than one” these creatures like to do things on their own.

They also like doing the work at night and usually hibernate during the day.

Seeing yourself in this animal? If you do, then this amazing raccoon may be the animal for you!

If you are: very stoic and likes to create new beginnings

Then you must be a: RAM

Rams are admired for their ability to make good judgements.

They can see things from afar with ease, allowing them to stay calm and be two steps ahead of everything.

With their long, curly horns, they like to be the one heading the way towards change. Allowing them to discover and experience things that no other creatures did.

Are these creatures miming you in a lot of ways? If they do, then these might be your guardian animal!

If you are: secretive, intuitive and likes to enjoy luxurious things

Then you must be a: RAT

Considered by many as the cheese eating pests, these creatures actually have freakishly high intellect.

While others like to discover things, rats use their limited resources to create something out of nothing.

They also love to do one thing:

And this thing is sharing good things in life together with their clique who has been with them through thick and thin.

Now that’s why they stick together no matter what!

If you are: rich, prosperous and powerful

Then you must be a: DRAGON

Known for its overwhelming power, and great sense of leadership, this fire breathing creature is one of the fearsome mythical animals.

It symbolizes richness and abundance and also has the ability to overthrow those who try to get on its way.

But despite its scary features, dragons are also one of the wisest mythical creatures ever known.

They are capable of loving and building relationships with those who do good to them.

So, if you find yourself very feisty but loyal, then you must possess a Dragon in you.                                                                          

If you are: adaptable, creative but often lazy

Then you must be a: SEAGULL

Seagulls are one of the most creative animals.

People may see them as loud, do-nothing flying animals, just spending pretty much all their time relaxing all day.

But in reality, these animals are actually one of the most persistent when it comes to getting what they want.

These birds know which parts of their lives they should take seriously,

And which one to take lightly.

Have you ever been called lazy before? Just like a seagull, it might be time for you to prove them wrong!

If you are: wise network communicator who’s great at finding balance in life

Then you must be a: SPIDER

Though it scares a lot of individuals, this fury, creepy, eight-legged insect who lives in its own web symbolizes a lot of great things.

They are admired by a lot for they have control of their fate.

Add that to the fact that they are very crafty and creative,

They surely have the tools to have all the good things in life.

Next time you kill a spider, think twice! That might be your spirit animal!

If you are: known for your amazingly accurate intuition, and ability to foresee the future

Then you must be a: GIRAFFE

Towering at the average height of 6.1 meters tall, their freakishly large necks enables them to see things from a whole new perspective.

People with this spirit animals are built to reach things that are elusive.

They are also often standout for their elegance and brilliant mind.

Ever noticed yourself being drawn to a giraffe? Good for you! This might be your animal representation.

If you are: a lover of freedom who likes travelling to different places

Then you must be a: HORSE

Horses are the perfect representation of nobility and grace.

Loved by most by their power and stamina, this amazing creature perfectly symbolizes those who are in higher power.

No wonder why the royal family uses horses for a ride!

If you are: innocent, cautious, who possess a whole lot of tricks and skills at your bag

Then you must be a: COYOTE

Coyotes are one of the smartest tricksters in the totem world.

They are one of the few animals who possess all the tools to succeed in life

However, they can be a little folly sometimes, Choosing to do foolish things occasionally.

If not contained, the tricks that they are very good at using can be their biggest enemy.

If you see yourself as a coyote, you better be careful!

Have you found your Native American Totem Animals yet? If you still haven’t, don’t worry – we’re in for more!

Stay tuned for the next article of our complete list of totem animals so you can get to know more about totem animals and their meanings!