The wolf-totem animal for courage

18 Totem Animals for Courage

Sigh, animals…

Imagine being able to have amazing survival skills, lightning speed, the power of flight, the capacity to breathe underwater — you name it, and they surely have it.

In fact, you have probably dreamt of being one at some point or another.

But what if we told you that YOU already possess the superpowers that you have dreamed of as a kid?

Sounds interesting? Do not miss a beat and discover what powers you might possess!

Totem animals and their meanings, decoded

Crazy as it may sound, but you and animals are practically the same.

Not anatomically though, but spiritually.

Native American Totem Animals, just like the tribe they originated from, are sacred representations manifesting in different points of our lives.

From this life to the next, they are with you as your guardian spirits across lifetimes.

And with that being said, these guardian animals define your human characteristics without you noticing.

We bet the curiosity made your eyebrows meet!

Stay tuned and find out how these animals mold your personality.

Native American Totem Animals: Which one are you?

You cannot spell courage without “U” and now we can see why.

With your headstrong resolve and fearless attitude, there is no stopping your willpower into exploring new horizons.

All the more reason why this article is for you!

Seeking to add more fuel to the flame to your already courageous heart?

Here is our complete list of totem animals that would surely keep the fire within you burning:

If you are: a softie but is actually a daredevil inside

Then you must be a: MONGOOSE

If you think courage always comes in the form of sharp claws, sharp fangs, and sharp eyes, maybe it is time for a change of mindset…

… because sometimes, it comes in the form of a furball, just like the mongoose.

For the mongoose, courage is synonymous with rebellion, always doing what it does best — defying the rules.

This cute, African-Eurasian native animal has more courage and adventure than anyone in the animal kingdom twice its size.

Also, highly impulsive, this spirit guide is a true brave heart as it defends itself with exceptional boundaries, keeping the threats at bay.

Next time you see an adorable creature, do not get fooled; it just might surprise you.

If you are: always on the move to protect your territory

Then you must be an: ANTELOPE

Before you mistake the antelope for being a fairly gentle animal, you might want to think twice about that.

While it is true that the antelope are peace-loving grazers, the totem animal is actually a proactive, protective being.

This makes you and the antelope a likely pair as you both have the watchful eye for threats trying to invade your space.

You are a silent protector, but a protector, nonetheless.

Whenever you feel the urge to mark your territory the most lowkey way possible, just know that it is you and the antelope nodding together.

If you are: headstrongwith a reputation for being hot-headed

Then you must be a: BADGER

Looking on the surface, the badger may seem like just another cute face in the kingdom animalia.

But you might want to take a second look: it is actually a force to be reckoned with, despite its fluffy, fit-in-your-pocket stature.

The badger’s innate courage helps one to ground himself, braving new paths one step at a time.

As a burrowing animal, the badger’s appearance in your dreams can directly translate into paving a new path through big, brave steps.

Indeed, it is an aggressive force hiding in a ball of fur — just as you, a brave heart, hides under a soft facade…

… both living proofs that “small but terrible” is more than just an overused phrase.

If you are: warm yet menacing

Then you must be: BEAR

We hear you — this cannot possibly be the same animal that inspired the cuddly stuff toys we cannot sleep without. 

But nope, we are not joking when we say the bear deserves its spot on the list, and here is why.

Naturally predatory, the totem animal bear perfectly embodies courage as it stands firmly in the face of adversity.

The bear’s strong grip, strong jaw, and strong aura makes it feared and respected at the same time, adding more to its powerful disposition.

Whether you are in for a hug or a defense, the bear as a spirit animal is the right one for you.

If you are: so extra and have a “if you have it, flaunt it” type of person

Then you must be a: PEACOCK

It takes a lot of courage to flaunt what you have, and the peacock is not falling short on that.

With that mesmerizing, almost-impossible-to-believe intricacy of its feathers, no one would wish otherwise.

But apart from its head turning asset, the peacock also boasts of its symbolism of refinement, beauty, and integrity as a spirit animal.

A total package of all the values one could only wish for.

You are so much more than just a “pretty face” — exactly the kind of person the peacock totem animal manifests to!

If you are: always identified as the strong friend and is mistaken to be stone-cold

Then you must be: TIGER

Just simply seeing the tiger making it to our list is already self-explanatory.

Need we say more?

As the epitome of strength and courage, it is natural for the tiger to be all-powerful and all-knowing, as if vulnerability is the worst crime it can possibly commit.

And that strength is also its greatest weakness.

People who are spiritually attracted to the power animal have the tendency to suppress emotion, a proven fatal flaw.

Remember: courage is not measured by the tears you suppressed, but the ones you shed because you are brave enough to be weak.

Maybe you should try it, tiger.

If you are: charging into things without fear

Then you must be: BULL

The color red is made for the bull, the same way the bull is made to be your spirit animal.

Admit it — you are known to be this fearless person who loves rushing head on into decisions without thinking twice.

As expected of any bull-guided individual.

This often-assumed reckless trait is actually a display of courage, braving opportunities with no holds barred.

With that kind of confidence and dominance, there is no stopping you from experiencing all the things this life has to offer!

If you are: adorable yet secretly tricky

Then you must be: WEASEL

There seems to be no shortage of “cute yet psycho” entries in this list of native American totem animals.

Enter the weasel, the animal kingdom’s vicious warrior trapped in an innocent face.

This slender, harmless-looking animal is actually a predator everyone should watch out for, tricking their prey into the burrows they dug themselves.

Sharing the same aggressiveness and intellect, the weasel in its spirit form channels your inner courage.

Continue to shock the world with your clever tricks — after all, you are not chosen by the weasel totem animal for nothing.

If you are: a highly dependent individual who loves freedom a little bit too much

Then you must be: WOLF

The sound of the wolf’s howl alone is enough to terrify enemies from miles away.

Imagine the power it holds…

But aside from its obvious qualities, the wolf’s courage actually relies on its tendency to live alone.

The wolf, just like you, has the appetite for freedom that seems to be never satisfied.

This makes the both of you perpetually hungry for more adventures, experiences, and feelings a being can have in this lifetime.

On top of it all, you are not depending on someone else to do it — you make it work by yourself, for yourself.

If that is not courage, we do not know what else is!

If you are: true hearted who is not afraid of owning up on responsibilities

Then you must be a: COUGAR

Although they make jumping off 20 feet above the ground seem quite easy,

cougars are known for their unbelievable senses.

Mix that with their nature-given agility,

they use their extreme sense of awareness to avoid danger and hunt for their foods.

Jaw-dropping isn’t it?

Good news! The exact characteristics can also be IN you!

Although humans cannot jump 20 feet off the ground,

Some of them can have a cougar-like sense.

Guided by their intuition, they can easily steer clear of danger before they even come.

If you are: known for your persistence, honesty, and cockiness

Then you must be a: ROOSTER

Love it or hate it, people with this kind of totem animal are going to speak their truth.

They are not afraid to say their opinion regardless of how others might feel about it

But before they do, they would always do one thing — observe.

They are not quick to judge but when they do

They are going to stick to this firmly.

Though hated by many, they are the best ones to keep close with.

If you are: admired with your confidence and determination

Then you must be a: SALMON

When you think of Salmon, food might be the first thing that comes to mind.

Thanks to this article, that notion is about to change.

People with this guardian animal amazes a lot of people with their work ethic.

When they set their minds on something

It is almost guaranteed that they will do anything to achieve it.

They have tremendous belief in themselves,

Mixed with a sheer-amount of confidence.

Do you see yourself as a Salmon? Guess what, this might be your totem animal!

If you are: a slogger, resilient who always works for superiority

Then you must be a: SHARK

Earning the rights to be considered as king is not an easy job.

One must have tremendous amounts of determination and hard work.

Amazingly, these exact traits are the ones to be found from this fearsome creature.

Obtaining the title as the “King of The Ocean” sharks are known to always prove their superiority.

Always searching for an edge and never fails to take advantage of it.

They are extremely workaholic and will do ANYTHING just to retain their title.

Do these characteristics perfectly fit you?

Congratulations, you have just found your guardian animal!

If you are: a grinder who desperately wants others to give you the respect that you deserve

Then you must be a: SKUNK

Though they are very adorable, these little babies do not like being disrespected.

Often being underestimated by many,

People with this totem animal use hate as fuel.

And although life might come ten times harder for them

You can always count on them to not give up.

So next time you see a skunk, make sure to give them the respect that they deserve!

If you are: not afraid of taking risk, lover of freedom and has deep connection to spirituality

Then you must be an: EAGLE

Whenever people see this high-flying bird in the sky,

They often relate their wings to the idea of freedom.

Such a thing is seen with the people with this kind of totem animal.

Humans who have Eagles as their guardian are not afraid of adventure and experiencing new things.

They LOVE to go beyond their comfort zone

And is eagerly spiritual.

They are the ones who are the closest to the God that they believe in,

And uses their faith as their guide to their daily lives.

Do you have these characteristics? If you do, then an Eagle must be within you!

If you are: very independent, and like to follow your own sets of ideas and rules

Then you must be a: GOAT

Although they are incredibly low maintenance, these grass eating animals can be very stubborn.

Most of them prefer to do their thing and just work on their own.

Also, goats set on.

One thing about goats is that they are their biggest supporter.

They are the type to be sure of who they are and what they want, and they often do not care about what others think of them.

Such things are also possessed by those who they serve to guard.

So, if you see yourself as a goat, CONGRATULATIONS, you have just found your spirit animal!

If you are: known for your ferociousness and your demand for authority

Then you must be a: LION

Lions are one of the most fearsome creatures alive.

Known for their overwhelming strength and courage,

This wild king hates one thing above all things — being disrespected.

They love to be in control of things, and that makes them a particularly good leader.

Also, the most amazing thing about this creature is that although they are tough with other people,

They are actually as soft as a marshmallow to those whom they love.

They are more than willing to protect those who are close to their circle

And whoever messes with them, these lions will surely give them a payback.

Are you as courageous as a lion? If you are, then this must be your guardian!

Do you think you have finally found your animal twin? If not, no worries we have got more for you in our next complete list of totem animals!

Stick along with us for more about Native American Totem Animals!